Alcudia Bay in Majorca.

21-03-2017Carla y Emma

Palma was last year voted one of the Best Cities in the World to live, now this year Majorca has been named as the sixth best island in the world to visit. The rankings were revealed yesterday and they are based on the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor over the past 12 months.

Topping the list is the Hawaiian island of Maui, which the site describes as a "destination for true nature lovers". It said: "The ethereal bamboo forest and churning waterfalls in Haleakala National Park can be explored via the Waimoku Falls Trail. Stretch out on warm, golden sands or hit the surf for an unforgettable windsurfing or snorkeling session. Driving the scenic road to Hana along the island’s northeastern shore will be among the most spectacular journeys of your life."

Santorini came in second, thanks to its instantly recognisable candy-coloured houses carved into the cliffs and white-topped buildings topped with half-spheres.

In third place is Jamaica, where highlights for travellers included Seven Mile Beach, the Negril Cliffs and Mayfield Falls. Fourth on the list is the most populated of the Turks and Caicos islands, Providenciales, which was praised for being one of the world’s top beach destinations.

In fifth place is Bali in Indonesia, famed for its white sand beaches, coral ridges and tropical creatures. Majorca, which remains as popular as ever with tourists, made it onto the list at number six.

In seventh place is the tropical paradise island Mauritius, which counts Le Morne Brabant, Les 7 Cascades and Mont Choisy Beach amongst its most visited attractions. Phuket. meanwhile, finished in eighth place. The site describes Thailand’s largest island as an international magnet for beach lovers and serious divers.

Bora Bora, famed for its romantic sunsets, turquoise lagoons and soft white sands, came in ninth place. Rounding out the top ten is Unesco World Heritage Site Fernando de Noronha in Brazil.


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Sue / Hace over 4 years

My first visit to Mallorca was in 1974 and I fell in love with the island and have been a regular visitor ever since. So good to see it's made 6th position. Many wonderful family holidays on the island and the North is just beautiful. And a visit there is never complete without a purchase of the Daily Bulletin. Happy days Mallorca


Lynda / Hace over 4 years

4 out of six is I think ok.To the comment about Bali being stinky and full of boguns ....try moving out if Kuta !!!!


lennart / Hace over 4 years

Hi Dave, I'm sure you're a lovely bloke deep down but how about taking the plunge- buy some affordable cycling lycra,rent a decent and well maintained carbon bike from one of the 50+ reliable bike rentals on the island- and depending on your form and desire- hit some camis around Sineu or do a big day in the Tramuntanta. I guarantee you an experience for life


Jaime / Hace over 4 years

Dave, obviously the results of these polls depend on the judging criteria that are set but perhaps your one-eyed opinion and presumptuous labelling of those who love Mallorca as untravelled is as a result of you suffering from Thai Fever or some such ailment that occasionally afflicts tourists to South East Asia. For my part I have spent much time in South East Asia over the last twenty years, have built a home there and experienced all that the region has to offer and its downsides certainly outweigh those of Mallorca! Maybe you can't appreciate that because your experience of the region is as shallow as your knowledge of Mallorca. I am lucky enough to be spending Easter in Thailand with my family this year and I will indeed enjoy it but I will also be returning to Mallorca later in the year for excellent food, wine, weather and culture without stray dogs or plastic bags on the beach or corrupt traffic police stopping tourists for tea money!


Mick / Hace over 4 years

Oh dear Dave, you obviously have not visited 'Manos' in Magaluf where you would most certainly get the five star service that you are probably accustomed to.

Joking apart!!! This island has many beautiful hotels and agroturismos that give excellent service including Hotel Residencia in Deya, Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel, Hotel Formentor in Formentor, Rural hotel S'Olivaret in Alaro and Agroturisme C'an Gaia in Porto Colom. We have never had bad service in any of the above mentioned. There are far too many to mention here and I am sure that many of you who know and love Mallorca will agree with me that it has certainly earned its place in the top six islands of the world. I for one will continue to enjoy the beautiful countryside, fantastic beaches, great restaurants and everything else that this island has to offer. I am so happy that it has been voted the sixth best place in the world to visit


Andreas / Hace over 4 years

I think 'Dave' is one of Trump's Fake Nooze lieutenants...


Dave / Hace over 4 years

Yawn yawn, the people below are so boring and provincial. I have spent many years in Mallorca. The reality is that Palma is a nice City. Outside of Palma its tumbleweed. You talk below about the North if the Island??? Yeah great for a day trip but completely dead and boring in winter. Also Asian Islands/resorts have proper hotels snd something that Mallorca has never had, thats called 5 star service. The ignorance of people below is beyond belief and again I say it must be because these people are poor, provincial and not well travelled.


Shelley / Hace over 4 years absolutely have no clue do you? Us well seasoned travelers are in the know!


Susy / Hace over 4 years

Dave, I have to smile at your ignorance and lack of knowledge of the beautiful island of Mallorca. You must have booked a very cheap holiday and didn't have money for a hire car to explore the North of the island. Amazing Tramuntanas, local restaurants and blue seas and stretches of wonderful beaches. Saying visitors are poor, if I took your views seriously I would be insulted but I realise you haven't any good taste.


Vivien / Hace over 4 years

Well done Mallorca, you deserve it. Anyone who knows the island well and have discovered all it's wonderful corners will return year after year to enjoy the spectacular Calas & beaches. Palma is a sofisticated & cosmopolitan city full of delightful architecture. Misguided assumptions that everywhere in Mallorca is similar to the fun filled Magaluf is a little bit ignorant.