Tiffany Nia Escolano.

31-03-2017Humphrey Carter

Palma-born Tiffany Nia Escolano is a woman of many talents. She has worked as a top model for leading agencies, names and brands, such as Elite and as an actress all over the world. But she says that she would not recommend modelling as a career to anyone. "For me, it happened by pure chance. I was ten years old when I was spotted by British photographer Paul Shakespeare while out and about in Andratx and began doing catalogue modelling for children’s clothes etc. and I enjoyed it. To be honest, at first I hated being in front of the camera. In fact I would still rather be behind the camera than in front but obviously, over the years, I’ve got used to it and it no longer bothers me.

"Then, when I was 13, I escaped and went to Mexico with a cousin and began working there. My mother thought I was at acting school in London. Then I moved to Texas and that was tough. That is when I began to discover the darker side of the modelling industry. Untrustworthy managers and agents who never paid what they promised, all that kind of stuff, and I began questioning what I was doing and if modelling was really my thing, so I went back to Mexico. I found the people were more respectful and I felt more comfortable. Plus I was very lucky, I had good agents, photographers and managers - still have - and that is crucial in this business. For anyone wanting to go into modelling, that is a vital piece of advice - get good agents and managers."

Eventually, Tiffany did end up in London at an acting school in Barnes but she struggled with the language and the weather.

"I did appear in a few episodes of the series Skins but that was about it. I was back in Mexico after three months and that time began acting in a number of series. My Colombian neighbours in Andratx always remember me as that girl on the TV," she jokes. "But I’ve also acted on TV in Scandinavi and Holland."

Tiffany, who quite clearly cannot stand still for too long, moved to Miami and that is where she was signed by one of the world’s leading modelling agencies Elite.

"Miami and Miami Beach were great. The people were great and so were the parties. Good mangers, great advice and I became more independent. I was able to begin picking and choosing my jobs and also the money. The trouble with Miami beach is that you spend more than you earn.

"But while it was fun, at times it was very hard. Constantly having to watch your weight, things like that, and the competition is extremely tough. It's all down to what look the client wants." But she never gave up and ended up working all over the world from Majorca to Canada, the length and breadth of North and South America, India, Australia and Italy.

"I’ve good contacts in Italy and modelled for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana. Even my authentic Mexican Chihuahua Gucci, who I take on short trips, ended up modelling in Italy. He became the star of adverts for dog products, so we make a good pair, plus fashion houses like Gucci are always sending me samples. I use them to make him little suits and clothes, so he’s a very trendy dog and he likes to dance."

In between all this she starred in the hit Discovery reality series Viva Girls last year which was shot here in Majorca and in Norway. Whenever she has had a spare moment, she has always done her best to expand her skills and talents. She is a ballet dancer and teaches children, she is a qualified fashion designer and expert. She plays the piano and guitar and also makes films. One of those includes a 90 minute film about vampires.

"I used students from the drama school in Majorca, it was great fun. A bit weird but a marvellous experience. Two of the guys went on to be in Pirates of the Caribbean.

"I consider myself a gangster model. For some jobs I have to cover my tattoos but I have a great make-up artist who takes care of that."

At the moment, Tiffany is busy combining her job as an energy advisor to small businesses with starring in music videos - she is a trained dancer and acrobatic dancer - for international stars such as Pitbull.

"I hate doing nothing and am always busy. I am still modelling, but it is a hobby. I pick and choose my jobs, and now that summer is around the corner I am going to be busy. I was due to go to Mexico for a photo shoot related to the TV series I starred in in a few weeks, but I am too busy to go.

"I have a new venture starting next week and that is a modelling school here in Palma. It is called and we have a host of professionals teaching in their specified fields. We have photographers, make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers, an acting coach. That is extremely important when modelling because of all the different expressions one has to adopt and how to work the catwalk; that is what I am going to be teaching.

"It’s a very complete course, I think the only one on the island and it is open to all kinds of people. You don’t have to be tall, slim and beautiful to be a model. Different clients want all kinds of different people and of all ages, so there is a huge market out there for anyone who wants to give it a try."


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