Bus passengers are planning on "striking".

04-12-2016Pilar Pellicer

Transport strikes have been in vogue recently. The disputes with taxi drivers and rail workers have been resolved, if not entirely to the satisfaction of one of the taxi-driver associations but sufficiently to mean that there will not be further industrial action.

Now, however, there is to be a different angle. Bus users are planning on striking, though it might be more appropriate to describe this as a boycott. The platform of public transport users is currently working out how this strike will be undertaken. A key element will be for bus passengers to share cars instead.

The strike is being planned because of deficiencies to services and the consequent inconveniences caused. Marc Crespi, for the transport users, says that the bus passengers want to involve train users as well. For the latter, the services that were cut by 30% last month will not be fully restored until September. This is just one complaint rail passengers may have. He adds that "it's an issue of demanding an improvement to the island's public transport, which has many deficiencies".

For the regional transport ministry, a strike by users will surely make it more determined to press ahead with improvements it says will be in place by 2019 as part of an overall transport plan. While there will be a wait for these promised improvements, there will be some new services from the start of May: the tourist resort lines to and from the airport. Any tourists planning on using these buses probably won't be striking.


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Stuart Mead / Hace over 4 years

I don't think striking is the answer. It will only give the companies an excuse to cut services even more.