At the cemetery in Manacor on Sunday. | Guillem Mas

Ceremonies have been taking place over the past few days to commemorate the end of the Civil War. In Manacor, the Son Colotes committee (named after the cemetery) once more organised an act of commemoration on Sunday. It was attended by some one hundred people.

The committee took the opportunity to call on the regional government to authorise the exhumation of graves at the cemetery and also in Palma. It is believed that 400 Republican men and women were killed at Son Colotes from the time that the war started.

Reference was made to the exhumation in Porreres. The remains of 55 people have so far been recovered in Porreres. A second phase of exhumation will reveal more. Acknowledgement was made of the determined efforts of the Memory of Majorca Association, which has campaigned for exhumations, and of the Aranzadi society of sciences, involved in the Porreres exhumation.

Campaigner Margalida Gelabert said: "They knew what they were doing. Killing people, killing rights, killing liberties, killing the country."