A weepy Biel Barceló after appearing before parliament yesterday. | Pere Bota

Marga Prohens, the parliamentary spokesperson for the Partido Popular and now also the party’s vice-president, said yesterday that the only possible remodelling of the government required the "immediate dismissal" of both Biel Barceló and Vicenç Vidal.

Both ministers, at tourism and environment, are involved in the contracts affair.

The PP and other parties made yesterday’s parliamentary session a particularly heated one. Barceló gave his side of the story over the issuing of contracts which cost the former minister for transparency, Ruth Mateu, her job.

However, while PSOE and Barceló’s party, Mes, said that they were satisfied with the explanation, the PP and Podemos were not. Podemos’s parliamentary spokesperson, Laura Camargo, said that neither she nor her fellow party members were convinced and announced that in the event that Barceló does not resign, the parliamentary group will assess in a meeting next Monday what steps they can take in relation to its support to the coalition government.

Camargo said that they are going to give "reasonable time" for Barceló to act and has stressed that "there is a weak point in government and that is him". "Therefore, we ask him to step aside."

Podemos are in fact making clear to President Armengol that if Barceló doesn't go, they will potentially tear up the agreement of support for the PSOE and Més government. The rupture between Podemos and Més was exposed in parliament yesterday, with the Més spokesperson David Abril turning on Podemos and reminding them of contracts with the IB3 broadcaster.