Work is taking shape, but the PP are not alone in voicing their criticisms of its timing.

20-04-2017Assumpta Bassa

Several weeks ago, the Bulletin revealed the discontent among businesses in Cala Bona that was being caused by road works on the front line. Shortly afterwards, similar concerns were voiced in Cala Millor. In both resorts, the issues were the same. The season was getting under way earlier, and yet the town hall - Son Servera - had started ripping up roads, creating a poor image and potentially jeopardising business activity.

With the anticipation of a very good Easter period, the concerns were even greater, and the Partido Popular - in opposition - has now launched its own criticisms of the town hall administration. It has denounced the "bad tourism image" that has coincided with much increased hotel occupancy.

Jaume Servera, the party's spokesperson, has attacked the lack of foresight. Rather than start the work in February or March, could it not have begun in November? This would have avoided the complaints. (It was suggested by businesses in Cala Bona that the work could have waited until this coming November.)

Servera believes that the town hall has undone efforts made in terms of tourism promotion and tackling seasonality. He fully accepts the need for the improvements - "there has been no public investment for years" - and doesn't question the changes that will be brought about (for the better). "But it was unthinkable to have started the work when the tourism season had already begun."

Juana Ana Servera, also of the PP, highlights the particular complaints of businesspeople in Cala Bona. Tourists, she says, have been deterred by the "bad condition" and many have not been going into the commercial centre. "No one doubts the importance of the work, but many agree that the timing is not the most appropriate."


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william walker barton / Hace over 4 years

This is a great way thanking tourists for visiting Cala Bona and showing contempt at a time when they are expected to pay extra tax for the pleasure of walking around dusty streets, they should be ashhamed


Mike / Hace over 4 years

Check out calador it looks like a bombs gone off