Leapy Lee, one of those opposed to the new noise limits for bars and clubs.


This Wednesday at 11am, a large demonstration is being organised by musicians and bar owners in Calvia in protest over the new noise limits which are being introduced by the town hall. The protesters are going to gather in the car park behind McDonald’s on the sea front in Santa Ponsa and from there set off for the town hall where they plan to stage a silent protest at midday.

Leading local British entertainer and musician Leapy Lee said yesterday that the new decibel limits are going to "cripple" the industry.

"Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against noise limits. What we don’t want is bars ending up having a noise-off, seeing who can blast out the loudest music, but the council has got to be much more reasonable. Music has been banned on the terraces in Paguera, first time in 30 years, and then across the municipality the noise limit has been reduced to as low as 60 or even 50 decibels. That’s conversation, talking level.

"There’s no way people sitting out on terraces can hear live music and, for example, in some of my recent concerts people have been complaining that they can’t hear. But if I play any louder, I’ll trip the decibel meters. I know of one case where the musician has asked the audience not to applaud because their clapping will set the meter off.

"There’s absolutely no way bars will be able to have karaoke this summer, not a chance. But it’s going to have a negative effect on all the local live musicians and bars in general. The situation is ludicrous. People are very angry and I know there is going to be a very large turnout for the protest, which could turn nasty. Frustration is running high.

"The convoy of vehicles going from Santa Ponsa to the town hall is going to cause enough chaos as it is. But what can we do? Why can’t the council introduce some sensible noise levels until midnight or 1am and then force us to reduce the decibel levels so people can go to bed and get some sleep.

"This new law is going to put bars out of business and also hit local musicians extremely hard. I’ve seen it before and I don’t want to see it again."


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dawn Lane / Hace over 3 years

I wish the good burgers of Santanyi would reduce the excruciating noise levels every night to 60 decibels. At the moment residents are subjected to noise from bars, restaurants and hotels (who insist on having their PA systems louder than anyone in the vicinity). The result is a cacophony of noise that is torture even when sitting inside with doors and windows firmly shut. 20 years ago I was told, when buying my property, that a ruling was coming in to have all entertainments take place inside. Nothing has happened. Why is it necessary to allow talentless karoake singers and tribute groups to blast the silence, each competing with the others around them?


Laura Joyce / Hace over 4 years

What was the outcome of the protest ? Will the same limiters and rules be applied for bars , pool areas and hotels ? What about outside Concerts and Djs in magaluf hotels ? Does this apply for them too ?


Andy Rawson / Hace over 4 years

Some of the entertainers need turning down. Some need turning off.


Liz / Hace over 4 years

It will be interesting to see if the ban applies to the hotels when they have their entertainment. I find bingo callers and pool games organisers make the worst racket, so irritating. Perhaps people should start denouncing hotels who create far more noise pollution than bars. At least the noise from most bars is entertaining


hoidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

How can the taxi drivers strike and demonstrate but the bar owners and live entertainers are not allowed ? Double standards.!!! The bar owners etc would have been arrested if they had demonstrated ??


Smofunking / Hace over 4 years

Yet another example of the ever increasing sterile and sanitised dystopia formed by those who think they know what's best for hoi polloi.


Steve Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

"Permission to Protest", - ha-ha, that's Mallorcan Democracy for you.....


phil / Hace over 4 years

I believe the protest is cancelled due to not being given the permission to protest


holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

Seems like some brown envelopes may be being passed around in Calvia .. Maybe the hotels now want all the accommadation business and all the entertainment business.