Only a limited number of bar owners and musicians were allowed to present their complaints at the town hall.

Yesterday’s mass protest by Calvia bar owners and musicians over the new noise limits introduced this year was restricted by the police, who warned demonstrators that a maximum of 20 protesters were allowed to take part because they had not applied for permission to stage the demonstration.

However, an official complaint was lodged at the town hall by a 20-strong group of frustrated and worried bar owners and musicians who were greeted by members of the Guardia Civil.

As far as Calvia town hall is concerned, the bar and live music sector were informed of this new legislation some three years and therefore have had plenty of time to soundproof their establishments in order to comply with the new legislation which came into force this week.

But bar owners and musicians are not happy because the maximum limit on the decibel levels is 50 to 60 decibels which, according to musicians and bar owners consulted by the Bulletin, is the equivalent of a full bar of people talking, never mind music.

Live musicians are encountering all kinds of problems while karaoke bars and music bars are facing a major challenge. Today, at 3.30pm, a meeting is going to be held between the bar and live music sector and town hall representatives. It is expected to be extremely well attended.

There are no major objections to noise limits, but what the sector wants is a happy medium and perhaps have the limits introduced at midnight or 1am at the latest, so people can have some fun and then those who wish to can go to bed.