The bike "invasion" of Bunyola's square.

26-04-2017Revista Es Castellet

Cycling does seem to be the source of certain conflicts. In Bunyola, and specifically its main square, the issue is with the sheer number of bikes that are parked. They can make things difficult for pedestrians.

The town hall has installed a rack for bikes, but many cyclists leave their bikes in any corner of the square, next to trees or benches or simply in the way. Given this "invasion", the town hall is looking at fining cyclists who don't put their bikes where they are supposed to. It prefers to take a more softly approach, certainly initially, by pointing out to cyclists how they should park their bikes, but fines could well be introduced.

The thought of installing another rack behind the Sant Mateu Church has been dropped because cyclists want to be able to have their bikes in sight while they are taking refreshment in the square. The town hall insists that if everyone used the bike stand by the square, there wouldn't be a problem.


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Mike / Hace over 4 years

Well said , and if they all had proper jobs they could afford a car ! Bikes are for kids ,not perverted Lycra clad adults ,


Ron / Hace over 4 years

Top marks to Bunyola for this initiative. I wish them luck! Something needs to be done to limit this profusion of cyclists all over the island. Anybody who doesn't see this - just come up to Alcudia, Playa de Muro, Pollença and Sa Pobla. The motorists have to fight to get anywhere! Yesterday's rain was very welcome as the hordes took a day off from annoying every other road user. But they will be back today. Many have no respect for others on the roads or the environment. They stop wherever they want to relieve themselves. If you overtake and split up the multitude you get the finger or a phone comes out and they take a snap of your number plate. Most of the pueblos suffer from this profusion of buzzing hornets. They never spend at the bars. Roundabouts and one way streets don't bother them, stealthily threatening any pedestrian they come across (what happened to bikes with a bell??) There will be utter caos on Saturday and for the next Ironman due soon. The money they bring in doesn't compensate for the trouble they cause. Their presence is an insult to all others who pay taxes to use the roads. Here's a suggestion for Sr. Biel Baceló to add to his 'control' portfolio: All cyclists to pay €50 on entering the island - for a pass which lasts a year - (not an eco-tax - but a circulation fee that includes a contribution towards roads maintenance and environment.) Plus €50 towards their insurance so that in case of accidents they are not a burden on IBSalud. If administratively not possible - get the profusion of cycle renting & support companies to do their bit and collect it. This could be his parting shot and legacy! After all - his main 'achievment' the tourist tax is not going down too well! (And don't call my suggestion Biktasa!)