The apartment building where the incident happened. | Miquel A. Cañellas


A twenty-month-old girl, who was taken into intensive care at Son Espases Hospital after falling from a fifth floor flat in Palma's La Soledat area on Sunday afternoon, remains in a critical condition. The hospital said yesterday that there had been no improvement, adding that it was too early to make a real diagnosis. More encouragingly, the statement referred to the hospital having outstanding medical professionals and the best technology. "The girl is in good hands."

Investigations by the National Police into what happened conclude that the girl fell accidentally from a window while her mother was cooking and her father was asleep on the sofa. She fell to the ground, but the impact was lessened thanks to cords on washing lines.

The parents took her to Son Llàtzer Hospital where doctors were able to stabilise her. She was then transferred to Son Espases paediatric ICU.

Because the parents, of sub-Saharan origin, do not speak good Spanish, it was difficult to ascertain precisely what had occurred, but the police were able to interview them, take statements and then confirm that there had been an accident. The father was overcome by shock and an anxiety attack and himself needed to be given hospital treatment.