Antoni Noguera (left) with other leading lights from Més.


Antoni Noguera, Palma's deputy mayor for the model of the city, took the occasion of celebrating Labour Day on Monday to announce that, eighty years on, Palma will once more have a Republican mayor.

He said this at a Més event in Campanet. He is scheduled to replace José Hila as mayor next month, and the reference he made to eighty years was to Emili Darder, the Republican mayor of Palma who was shot by Franco's Nationalists in 1937.

Observing that Més (in Majorca at any rate) is "an essential means of transformation ... in giving power to a 'country' that is called the Balearics", he went on to say that in order to build a Palma that is alternative, modern, European and, above all, left-wing, requires "courageous policies". He agreed with the president of the Council of Majorca, Miquel Ensenyat, in attacking individuals who work only in their own interests and without wishing to protect Majorca.

Ensenyat was among several leading members of Més at the Labour Day celebration. Another was Vice-President Biel Barceló. He praised the work of the party's members and its officials who have enabled projects now being carried out. David Abril, one of the party's chief spokespeople, noted that left-wing policies of the current administration are "defending rights, equality, the land and economic sustainability". 


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Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Bla bla bla etc Not only did his party "win" a miniscule amount of votes but he gained the Lord Mayors place due to a previous arrangement with the winning party that came second after the PP