Palma town hall won't be banning horse carriages.


Tighter regulation of horse carriages in Palma was something that the current town hall administration promised when it took power almost two years ago. Responsibility for the carriages comes under two departments - transport and animal welfare. The latter has already increased inspections and examinations of horses, but the final bylaw is likely to only be approved some time later this year. It almost certainly won't be in force this summer.

The councillor for mobility, Joan Ferrer, says that the carriages will not be prohibited. If they were to be, then the owners would take the town hall to court and sue for compensation. An option of buying out the licences has been ruled out on the grounds that the town hall couldn't afford to. The cost per licence (and there are 28) would be 50,000 euros per licence - 1.4 million euros in all.

Under the new law, as and when it is introduced, horses will not be on the streets for more than eight hours; these hours will start at the time that horses leave their stables.

Eliminating the stop in the calle Conqueridor, something else that the town hall has been talking about for months, is also unlikely to be a reality this summer. The stop is considered to be unsuitable because of the slope which places a strain on the horses when they are standing.


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