National Police in Playa de Palma | Alejandro Sepúlveda

At a meeting of Palma's local security board yesterday, the national government's delegate, Maria Salom, said that indications from Madrid are that the number of National Police reinforcements for the summer will be higher than last year. Confirmation of the numbers is expected shortly.

The meeting discussed joint police operations (National and Palma police) for Playa de Palma and it was agreed that there will be more National Police for night patrols. Both forces will restructure their operations in order to ensure that there is increased police presence in Playa de Palma in the evenings and at night. The National Police will also be involved, along with the local force, in operations against illegal street selling and counterfeiting.

Salom proposed that there should be a meeting between the police forces and the hoteliers' association in Playa de Palma in order that the hoteliers can explain their concerns about security and behaviour issues. The National Police will, meanwhile, be giving instruction to hotel employees about how to deal with any offence that might occur.

The security board meeting was attended by the mayor and the councillor for public safety, the chiefs of the National Police, the Guardia Civil and Palma's local police, and the government's director of emergencies.