The Moors and Christians battle in Soller on Monday. | Pere Bota

On Monday during the Moors and Christians battle in Soller, the Guardia Civil arrested a 36-year-old man who had been denounced by a 20-year-old woman for having touched her breasts and buttocks and for having spoken to her in a sexual manner.

According to the woman, who was participating as a "Christian", the man (a "Moor") harassed her during the part of the battle when it moves from the port to the town. She was frightened by his advances and asked for help from one of his friends, which was not forthcoming.

She then reported the two men to the Guardia Civil. One was charged with sexual assault. A court yesterday ordered him to be detained in prison. The other man faces a charge of failing to give assistance. There could be further charges as the two men were part of a group of "Moors". Some others are alleged to have touched the woman as well.

The mayor of Soller, Jaume Servera, has condemned the incident. "It was deplorable."

As part of a broad campaign against sexual aggression and gender violence, the Council of Majorca last year targeted fiestas and encouraged town halls to put up information posters. The Council is now also organising conferences for town halls with the theme of making Majorca free of sexual aggression and again drawing particular attention to fiestas.