Antonio B.F., arriving at the court in Inca this morning. | R.D.

Antonio B.F., the 40-year-old arrested and charged with murdering Juan Antonio Florit, 57, in Sencelles on Monday, has been sent to prison following a court appearance in Inca this morning.

He told the court that he has only flashes of what happened. He had previously and unofficially told police that he was under the influence of drugs (cocaine) at the time of the incident, that he remembered nothing but knew that he had "ballsed things up". When asked for an official statement on Friday, he maintained his silence.

The accused had also said that he had not gone to the finca in Sencelles with the intention of killing Juan Antonio. He had gone to demand money. He had financial problems, brought about by his drug addiction, and was out of work.

During the investigations at the finca, police found evidence of footprints that were later matched with Antonio B.F. and also linked to a previous crime, one of sexual assault for which he was arrested two months ago. Following his detention in Palma, he was taken to another address - in Santa Margalida (his father's home) - where a neighbour had seen him arrive, covered in blood. During the fight with Juan Antonio, he also suffered cuts. The Guardia Civil were looking for the murder weapon but have still not discovered it. From what Antonio B.F. has suggested, he took a large kitchen knife when he was at the Sencelles finca and used this to murder Juan Antonio.

The accused arrived at court today with a bandage on one wrist, which is believed to be evidence of cuts he had received. He had been given a medical examination to confirm that he was fit to appear in court and make a declaration. Another test that has been carried out on him has sought to verify or not whether he was under the influence of drugs.