The "splash-in" of seaplanes has proved to be a popular event.

20-05-2017Gabriel Alomar

The gathering of seaplanes in Pollensa Bay and at the military base had been scheduled to take place this year in mid-September. The air force, however, has advised the organisers - the Majorca Aeronautical Foundation - that it has taken away its permission.

The reason seemingly has to do with a town hall motion last October which was against the use of the bay as a "runway for seaplanes". That motion was raised (and approved) when there was talk of commercial seaplanes operating in the bay. The air force has acknowledged the town hall's decision and says that the military base can only be used, other than for military purposes (which include the firefighting planes), in exceptional circumstances and for emergency reasons.

The town hall, for its part, says that it has no issue with the Splash-In. Quite the contrary, according to the town hall delegate for Puerto Pollensa, Andrés Nevado. "It's a very nice event that is beneficial for tourism." Mayor Miquel Àngel March says that the town hall doesn't know why the air force has withdrawn permission. He points out that the town hall's motion was specifically aimed at preventing the base from being used commercially. It had nothing to do with "an event as unique and extraordinary as this one".


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Linda / Hace over 4 years

I agree with Henry James comment. This would have been a wonderful opportunity to bring more tourists and money to Puerto Pollemsa. Such a shame that it is not going ahead!!!


northbound / Hace over 4 years

The Air Force has been doing them a favor for a long time... but the Council became greedy and wanted a piece of the action. That is usually when the fun ends.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

The Air Force have scuppered what could have been a major attraction and money-spinner for Puerto Pollensa,yet another own-goal.