A new express parking system at arrivals will be operational this month.


The new system for collecting passengers at Palma airport will come into operation by the end of this month. The parking express will give fifteen minutes free parking with 90 spaces close to arrivals at the terminal building. It will be monitored by personnel and cameras 24 hours a day and have two barriers in order to try and limit queuing. If the fifteen minutes are exceeded, there will be a charge. The cameras will record registration numbers in order to calculate the time that a vehicle has been parked.

The Palma system follows the successful introduction of a prototype that Aena established at Alicante airport in the summer of 2015. Last week, this free parking became available at Malaga airport as well. It is, of course, a system that is used at numerous airports elsewhere.

Aena plans to introduce a second parking express scheme for departures next year.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Sue - that can work well if waiting spaces off-airport can be found. Luton is blighted by cars waiting round off-airport in gateways and driveways and loitering in odd places, at Stansted you can hide away for a while at McDonald's off the entry roads, not sure how much legally-useable space there is around Palma's airport - may be ok.


Sue / Hace over 4 years

Steve, you would have to do the same as we do at Stansted. Phone our pickup when we have our luggage. Our pickup waits off airport until he receives our call. Works for us.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Forgive my cynicism - on the face of it this could be a useful facility for those of us needing to meet friends or relatives arriving on flights - but conversely it could be a nice little earner every time the baggage reclaim belts have one of their regular holdups. If we then leave the free parking facility and come back round again, are we automatically fined when the cameras clock us the second time?