Terraferida says general permission shouldn't be given for beach weddings.


The Terraferida environmentalist organisation has taken to social media once more in denouncing activities on beaches that it considers contributes to "massification".

Its latest target is the holding of weddings on beaches. Showing a wedding at a cove near Colonia Sant Jordi, the group says that the Costas Authority should not be giving permission in a generalised manner for such events, especially to foreign companies who provide this business and other services. The beach is for everyone, Terraferida concludes.

Last year, it was Terraferida who drew attention to the apparent "privatisation" of a Cabrera beach by people from two superyachts. Last month, it drew attention to gatherings of young tourists on beaches at small coves that were being arranged via social networks.


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Peter / Hace over 4 years

The beach for everyone? It seems to me that Terraferida wants to reserve the beaches for Mallorquins only…the beach wedding was a private event organized by people with a long tradition of Mallorca holidays. The claim of foreign businesses offering beach wedding services is in this case a completely false accusation. Terraferida, get your facts right before you launch this kind of malicious content destined at dividing people, rather than unite!


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

No doubt Terraferida and many other Majorcans,politicians included will be happy when tourists go elsewhere,but,don't forget,you will be back on your Donkeys without a pot to p**s in.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

I was told years ago that all beach 15 metres up from high water mark in Mallorca was for the use of the general public in non-commercial activities - does anyone know if this still pertains?