Members of the Majorca Tourist Board at Es Trenc beach.

25-05-2017Gori Vicens

The board of the Fomento del Turismo (Majorca Tourist Board) has voiced concern about the "neglect" and "irresponsible" management of the beaches of Es Trenc and Ses Covetes.

Board members, who visited the beaches on Thursday, criticised the fact that beach services have yet to be awarded to contractors and that this is creating a negative image for tourists. The president, Eduardo Gamero, said that there are no services for one of Majorca's most emblematic beaches. "It is regrettable that there are no sunloungers and lifeguards and nor is there anywhere to buy a bottle of water for a child who might be in need of drink."

It was noted that there had, until a few days ago, been some service, that provided by the chiringuitos, which have now all been demolished. Gamero called for the relevant authorities to make an effort on behalf of the tourists. He believed that the situation could have been avoided, had all the necessary efforts been made. The demolitions could have been done in the winter and the replacement bars have been in place for the season.

He added that the current tourism "bonanza" needs to be managed properly. The island has to consolidate its leading position by keeping tourists who are now coming. They might otherwise have gone elsewhere and need to feel that they are being invited to return to Majorca.

The new, demountable chiringuitos should be ready some time next week.

* In case explanation is needed, the Fomento del Turismo, Majorca Tourist Board, is not a government body. It is a private organisation that was founded in 1905 and took the lead responsibility for the promotion of Majorca's tourism until the creation of the autonomous regional government in 1983.


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Mina / Hace over 4 years

Agree with Rob. I find the amount of trash on Mallorca beaches way more regrettable!


Ron / Hace over 4 years

How sad to see those chiringüitos disappearing. I will be very surprised if the new collapsible ones will appear without usual delays. And there are plans by Media Ambient to demolish 13 more all over the island. Chirigüitos are a lovely reminder of old Spain before we had those do- gooders controlling us and telling us what we should have. Don't they know Mallorcans use and enjoy them too? And as usual they have no thoughts or interest in providing essential services for tourists, who continue to be made to feel unwelcomed. No sunbeds, brollies or chiringüito on Playa de Muro either and it's almost June! I am sure the hoteliers have something to do with it. Forcing people to eat & drink their over-priced rubbish food and drink.


Rob / Hace over 4 years

OMG does every beach have to have toilets food water etc. I think it is nice to find somewhere where you take your own food and water and yes a towel on the sand. that way it may be a bit quieter and not be full of chavs munching on burgers!!!!!!!!!!!