Pollensa's mayor, Miquel Àngel March.

09-06-2015Elena Ballestero

As had been expected, a motion of no confidence in the mayor of Pollensa, Miquel Àngel March, was passed at the council session on Thursday. The mayor had precipitated the vote by linking it to approval of the annual budget. There had been no agreement on the budget, and so March laid down the gauntlet.

He got the support of his coalition of a party, the Junts, and Andres Nevado of the UMP. Everyone else was against him. Only the Alternativa stopped short of calling on him to resign.

The budget was almost incidental, as the criticisms flew. Ex-mayor Tomeu Cifre (Tots) noted the mayor's "isolation" and argued that bringing about a vote of no confidence was not sincere. It only means that the budget can be approved in a fast-track way. David Alonso of the PP attacked the lack of action by the administration. Marti Roca, now unaccredited but formerly of El Pi, said the mayor had been a failure. The Alternativa, which has withdrawn its support of the administration, criticised the non-compliance with agreements which had provided that support.

The administration will remain in office for thirty days, during which time there is the chance to form an alternative administration. The likelihood of this happening is all but non-existent, and everyone knows this to be the case. The other parties will never be able to agree to working with each other. Tomeu Cifre acknowledged this inability. After the thirty days are up, the administration will continue and the budget will automatically be passed.


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