Nudism is not common at Palma airport.


At the weekend, there was a record number of arrivals for May. There was another record. The first naked man to wander around departures.

On Sunday, there he was. Not a stitch on. Tourists (and no doubt others) were somewhat startled by his presence. The only ones who weren't startled were any security personnel or forces. The naked man disappeared before he could be apprehended.

In the meantime, as might have been expected, he was the object of various electronic devices' camera facilities. So, there will be evidence, if it is needed. What has apparently been ascertained is that he was middle-aged and foreign, though it isn't clear exactly how it has been established that he was foreign.

Was he doing it for a joke? Was he an exhibitionist? If you know the naked man or indeed are the naked man, do let us know.