The lamp had been inspected on two occasions recently.


Palma town hall has expressed its deep regret for the accident on Friday afternoon which has left a six-year-old German boy in hospital in a critical condition.

The child was with his parents in the calle Sant Miquel when a lamp became detached from a wall and fell on his head. He was rushed to Son Espases where his condition is still said to be critical, having undergone surgery.

Mayor José Hila said yesterday that the causes of the accident are unclear and are being investigated. He added that he was dismayed by what happened and also surprised. The lamp, mounted on a sandstone brick wall at number 17 was inspected when it was replaced following the Easter processions; the lamps are taken down to allow the procession along the street. It was repainted a month ago. On both occasions the lamp was found to be in good condition.

A town hall statement says that there was nothing to suggest that the lamp could cause an accident like the one that happened on Friday. Nevertheless, it would seem as if one of the four screws attaching it to the wall came loose. The lamp is town hall property, and the mayor explained that it, as with other lamps, lights and street furniture, is constantly checked.

Officials from the town hall went to Son Espases yesterday and are providing psychological, material and logistical assistance to the family.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

I hope that this child makes a full recovery.