Magalluf's Punta Ballena. | M. Joy


Two Romanian nationals, owners of a strip club, aka lap dance, in Magalluf's Punta Ballena, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil for a credit-card scam involving mainly British tourists.

The two are said to have obtained some 40,000 euros for non-existent services charged to credit cards. They were taking advantage of clients who were drunk and who were "distracted" by the "dancers" in the club. Some of the dancers themselves were apparently getting hold of clients' credit cards and charging amounts to them.

In certain instances, more than 3,000 euros were taken from the cards. Several victims have come forward, having lodged complaints back in the UK when they got their statements. The Guardia Civil are keeping the investigation open as they suspect there may be similar scams in other clubs. They also expect that other victims will make themselves known. However, a bar owner in Punta Ballena wonders if more will. He notes that some of those who have fallen victim to the scam don't want to say anything as they don't want families to know that they went to a strip club.