A glass replica of the cathedral on the sea?


Austrian businessman Günther Aloys, who has the concession for Nassau Beach in Portixol, wants to build a life-size replica of Palma Cathedral. Made from glass and with coloured lights, it would be placed on the sea in the bay of Palma. When asked where in the bay it might go, he didn't give a specific location.

The glass cathedral project was presented on Tuesday, Aloys saying that there wouldn't be any problem with the financing of the construction because of the returns that would be made from paying to enter it once it is built. He accepted that the plan might be provocative but added that it is important that people talk. "If there had been no brave men, there would today be no Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House."

He believes that the glass structure would attract millions of tourists to Majorca each year. "It's not my problem if someone thinks that we already have too many visitors. That's the politicians' problem. My job is to have ideas. A tourist destination can die from one day to the next, so it is necessary that new ideas surface in order to maintain interest. Cities such as London, New York and Paris have their symbols. This would be one for Palma in the twenty-first century.

Aloys, born in Ishcgl in the Austrian Alps, is a hotel entrepreneur who, according to information given to the press, has turned Ischgl into the place with the highest income per capita in the country and has promoted concerts by artists such as Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Elton John and Rod Stewart.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Why would Majorca need a ''looky,looky'' piece of tat like that when they have the real thing.?


Peter1 / Hace over 4 years

I had to just check it wasnt April 1st. This is the most pathetic idea ive heard in a long time.


Geoff Dominy / Hace over 4 years

Every time I walk or ride the bus past the Palau De Congressos I shake my head. Who could have approved such an abomination? I look at the plans for a glass replica of the cathedral and I wonder who will have the guts to say NO. We have a beautiful cathedral, we don't need a glass replica. Would Paris build a glass replica of the Eiffel Tower? Only Las Vegas would do that and that is where the Glass Cathedral belongs. I love our cathedral and how it dominates our city. I may not be a religious person but I can appreciate beauty. We need a government that stands tall and makes tough decisions, not one that rolls over and plays dead every time somebody proposes another 'bright idea'.