The Guardia Civil intervened at Cala Agulla and Son Moll beaches. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Following all the publicity given to antics on the beaches, the Guardia Civil was brought in to exert control over behaviour on the Cala Agulla and Son Moll beaches. A dozen officers were deployed around midday on Wednesday, and under the command of the captain from Manacor they issued penalties to tourists for breaches of noise regulations caused by music equipment. There were also penalties for illegal selling, PRs (who are not allowed to hand out publicity on the beaches) and for glass being taken onto the beaches.

The officers took part in a simultaneous operation on the two beaches. Local police officers and Capdepera town hall councillors were also involved.

Since the season started, there have been complaints about young German tourists contravening bylaws to do with coexistence and behaviour, which include the prohibition of glass containers on beaches and the use of music equipment. José González, spokesperson for the local police, says that there is a problem because of the lack of police. There are just two officers to cover all the beaches, which can have more than 4,000 people a day.

Separate to the issues on the beach, further controversy has been stoked by an "erotic show" staged on a bar terrace by Micaela Schäfer, a well-known German DJ and nude model.