Podemos councillors: Rodrigo Romero, Antònia Martín, Aligi Molina, Aurora Jhardi and Eva Frade.

Podemos could be about to leave the three-party pact at Palma town hall. Supporter groups could next week demand that the party does split from PSOE and Més, a move which would roughly coincide with José Hila stepping down as mayor and Antoni Noguera taking over. If these groups do make this demand, an assembly would be convened in order to make a decision.

There has been unease among party members because of disagreements over the first two years of the administration. There is also annoyance at Podemos proposals under the terms of the agreement for the pact having not been acted upon, such as ones to re-municipalise nursery schools and to create a shuttle bus between Son Espases and Plaça Espanya. The councillor for transport, Joan Ferrer (PSOE), recently announced that there will be a bus, but it could be next year before it is operational, always assuming there is the budget for it.

Something else aggravating Podemos supporters is the autonomy for decision-making by the other parties. In this regard, they are particularly critical of Més. Then there are the disagreements with either PSOE or Més over illegal selling, the new system for rubbish collection and charges for cleaning at fiestas and other events.