British tourists fined for running nude in Palmanova.


Police in Calvia have issued fines to nineteen British tourists who were captured on a video which showed them jogging naked from the beach in Palmanova in broad daylight on Friday. Eighteen have been fined for violation of the municipal bylaw on coexistence and one for obstructing traffic.

The police have been praised by the town hall for their swift action in identifying the group and where they were staying. The fines were immediately paid and the nineteen are said to have apologised.

Earlier, Carlos Tarancón, a councillor with Ciudadanos had demanded that Calvia town hall shows "zero tolerance" and applies "forceful measures". For Tarancón, the video was an example of the all the work to improve Calvia's image going to waste. "It is not enough that the bylaw deals with this sort of conduct. It has to be applied."

In this instance, it has been.


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Liam / Hace over 4 years

"What gives Brits the right to think that when they go abroad to another country they can behave in this fashion?"

I think that would more accurately be expressed by saying "What gives SOME Brits...", or better still "What gives SOME people...". Tarring a whole community with the same brush is not only lazy, it's harmful to civilised people who are in the majority.


Susana / Hace over 4 years

What gives Brits the right to think that when they go abroad to another country they can behave in this fashion? This kind of behaviour must not be tolerated. And to think that with saying "I'm sorry" everything can be forgiven and forgotten just shows immature personalities at work. Fining 200 euros does not help in any way. From what i have read, this kind of thing and worse has been happening in Mallorca for some years now. And in other parts of Spain. Once committed, this kind of low-class citizens should be sent back to their country along with having to pay a lump sum for troubles caused and never be given the chance to return. This kind of tourism is not wanted.


Shame on you / Hace over 4 years

Typical, no comments on the disgusting British behavior like this. The British community should be embarrassed about this kind of behavior when on holiday. Just because one can pay for a yearly holiday abroad does not give anyone the right to behave like this.

I am British myself and have experienced while working this disgusting behaviour. I do not see myself or Spanish nationals going to UK and bahaving like some of the British do. her in Mallorca. What is the excuse.

May of us here in Spain cannot afford going on holiday.


Cathy / Hace over 4 years

Just want to know if you got the first part of my letter to you?


Cathy / Hace over 4 years

Did not finish my letter to you.Just wanted to say is it because these people who attacked these boys were Spanish.


Suzy / Hace over 4 years

I have to agree with the other comments. We were robbed at our villa when we were there. Horrendous experience. Police were charming and helpful but unable to help further. They have to stop the muggers.


Frank / Hace over 4 years

Once again folks, it's about money. If it costs more to monitor and collect than they'll recover in fines it gets overlooked. A tourist will always pay up.


holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

If the police can find people doing things like this and sort it out why can't the police stop me from being harrassed by lucky lucky men and prostitute muggers . Thay are walking the streets with boxes of sunglases and numerous hats on so what is so why is it so difficult to sort them out ?? Its sometimes impossible to walk about a resort without being harassed.


MelB / Hace over 4 years

What a pity that such "zero tolerance" and "forceful measures" could not be applied to the illegal sellers, street muggers and prostitutes. Another case of the easy target?