Cooling off as June temperatures rise.

17-06-2013Jaume Morey

Temperatures, both minimums and maximums, are very much higher than normal for the time of the year. In parts of the mainland, maximums are up to eleven degrees higher than usual. In Guadalquivir, a high of over 40 degrees was registered on Sunday.

Aemet says that this pattern will continue until the end of the week, and highs are likely to increase in the centre and east of the mainland on Wednesday. In the Balearics, highs have reached and exceeded 32C. They did so on Sunday and yesterday afternoon. The forecast for today until Thursday is for highs of up to 35C in Majorca's interior. Yellow alerts are in place for parts of the island because of the high values.

The general outlook in Majorca currently suggests that these highs might only fall by one or two degrees by the weekend.


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james / Hace over 4 years

Here in Kuwait we had 49C in the shade today... I can't wait to get back to Mallorca to cool down for the summer... : )


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Meanwhile here in the north west of England and most of the rest of the UK,SUMMER HAS NOT EVEN STARTED. We have had torrential storms and very high winds and yesterday,it was 14c,yes,14c in June,funny how this global warming always by-passes the north west of England. Enjoy your sun,you could be here wearing jumpers and top coats with your central heating on in June.