National Police at Palma airport.

The National Police yesterday reported the arrest of two drunken British tourists at Palma airport.

According to the National Police, the two British males had just landed in Palma last Friday evening at 9pm on a flight from the UK and were heavily under the influence of alcohol.

En route to passport control, through the long tunnel from the old terminal A, they apparently began bothering fellow passengers. Eventually, their behaviour was brought to the attention of the airport National Police and when the two drunken Britons were approached by a routine two-officer patrol, they began throwing punches at the officers and acting aggressively.

The two Britons were said to have been "well built" by the police but they were quickly overcome "with the necessary force" and arrested. They were taken to the National Police station in Palma where they were held overnight before being charged with assaulting police officers.

According to the security services, they have detected a marked increase in the aggressive attitude towards them by holidaymakers this summer. This only fuels the debate about drinking and flying.