Mohamed Harrak was arrested in April last year.

19-04-2016Alejandro Sepúlveda

The prosecution service is calling for a ten-year prison sentence for Mohamed Harrak, the alleged jihadist who was arrested last year in Palma's Son Gotleu district. The service says that there is sufficient proof of his having used social networks to attract people to fight for so-called Islamic State. The charges do not include the preparation of any specific attack, but they point to the progressive radicalisation of the 28-year-old. Harrak is now due to be brought to trial, having been detained in a prison on the mainland.

The investigation has established that there were social-network contacts between Harrak and Islamist radicals in which he stated his intention to travel to Syria in order to fight with the "mujahideen of the caliphate" and to serve "Abu Bakr, who is the caliph". He is accused of recruitment activities for the terrorist organisation and of preparing his own trip to Iraq or Syria.

Highlighted by the prosecution are his training activities in airsoft groups and attempts to enlist with the army and with the French Foreign Legion. He also posted messages which celebrated terrorist attacks.

The date for the trial has yet to be set because of a defence demand regarding the IP address used by Harrak. The defence is also seeking to prove Harrak's argument that he had in fact used his account to infiltrate Islamist groups in order to collaborate with Spanish intelligence services. The investigation has found emails sent to the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) in which he offered himself as an informant, something which was turned down by the service.

The defence has also supplied emails that Harrak sent to the Guardia Civil in which he reported suspected drug trafficking activities in Son Gotleu. This, the defence claims, backs up its thesis that in some strange way he wanted to collaborate with the security services.

When he was arrested in April last year by the National Police, cocaine (22 grams of it) was seized along with computer equipment. There was also advice given by IS to "lone wolves" and autonomous cells. The police have looked into whether he was trafficking drugs as a means of financing possible operations.


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Peter / Hace over 4 years

It's not fair to taxpayers to spend their hard-earned money on housing and feeding those that wish them harm. Wake up Government, get strong "fuera moscas !


lennart bjolgerud / Hace over 4 years

Just strikes me that a lot of people attracted to radicalism mirrors this chap - no references or guidance from family and real friends, hence easy to manipulate.Ten years in prison might serve a deterrent but ultimately these unrested young blokes need to be redirected. If they have futures and ambitions,they would not offer themselves as suicides missionaries?


John P / Hace over 4 years

Well done the prosecution service,in the U.K. We would have told him to behave,given him his passport back,AND given him legal aid and no doubt compensation for being detained!


John / Hace over 4 years

If he's a terrorist, shoot him quietly for treason, end of....


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

I have no truck with terrorists of any kind but,frankly,this man seems more like a total fantasists than anything else.