Paying for parking in Puerto Andratx.


The introduction of car parking payment blue zones (ORA) in Puerto Andratx has been greeted with widespread opposition.

The regional ports authority has established the ORA parking on the avenues Almirante Riera Alemany, Mateo Bosch and Gabriel Roca. Among the critics are representatives from the sailing club who consider the system to be "a tax, pure and simple". The regional government is therefore being urged to create car parks, which "would not be for lack of space".

The sailing club believes that the ORA system will be unproductive and be harmful to "all society, users, taxpayers and businesspeople." Its criticisms are echoed by workers at the Rincón del Puerto restaurant. They think it is "a disgrace" that workers in Puerto Andratx will not have an alternative to paying to park. As with the sailing club, they believe that a car park should have been created first so that, among others, people employed in the area but who live outside Andratx can have somewhere to park.

A restaurant owner says that the ORA will just make it more difficult to find waiters. She adds that workers who eat at the restaurant only have half an hour and that they will either have to pay to park or spend time trying to find somewhere else to park.

A waiter at another restaurant says that there is no alternative to paying for parking in the port, above all for those who work there.


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Richard Saffell / Hace over 4 years

You have put one side of the argument but on the other side is the fact that the previous free parking was occupied by the workers and shop owners and others with for sale stickers on their cars. The new option costing just one Euro per hour will encourage visitors to the port to park here to eat at the restaurants as 2-3 Euro's is not going to be much compared to the cost of lunch.


osn / Hace over 4 years

...there is quite a bit of free parking available less than 5 minutes walk from the ORA a bit of a non issue really. The economics of it look a bit questionable to be honest. It's probably 40-50 parking spaces at the absolute maximum, which I suspect by the time you have paid for the meters, the admin, and a couple of salaries to enforce it seems unlikely it's going to make very much of a profit.


John P / Hace over 4 years

First they tax the tourists,THEN they tax the workers.You vote for them ,time to put up,or,shut up.