Hairy Bikers with Marc Fosh.


It was business as usual in Palma’s Olivar Market yesterday with very few people appearing to notice the three internationally famous chefs and a film crew shooting on location in the food hall.

The notorious Hairy Bikers, David Myers and Simon "Si" King, have spent the past few days in Minorca and yesterday they spent the day with Marc, the first and only British Michelin Star chef in Spain. In fact, the Palma-based chef has won a Michelin Star on two occasions, his latest being for his Simply Fosh restaurant.

Simon explained that the fact that the Balearics has eleven Michelin Stars caught their attention and they decided to come an investigate and sample the food.

"But what’s extra special here in Majorca is that you’ve got Marc, an award-winning British chef with an international reputation. So, we’re not doing any cooking; he is. We’ve come to sample his Mediterranean fusion food."

The day began at Olivar Market where Marc took Si and David on a tour of the food hall. Simon was extremely impressed with the fish market. Marc took them through a selection of his favourite fish before guiding the Hairy Bikers, who have been working together since 2004 for the BBC, on a tour of the rest of the market. He showed them some of Majorca’s finest produce and they met some of the stall holders. Then it was lunch at the market before heading off to Marc’s restaurant where he prepared Sea Bass a la Mallorquina for the bikers with the produce he had bought at the market. Simon and David later returned to his Michelin Star restaurant for dinner.


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