Pollensa mayor Miquel Àngel March.


Pollensa mayor, Miquel Àngel March, has commissioned two geographers to undertake a study of the municipality's housing situation. Pollensa has been overwhelmed by the boom in demand for holiday rentals, which has traditionally been confined to villas but which is now taking numerous apartments off the residential market. The study is also a response to one of the commitments made at the start of the current administration two years ago.

March says that he wants there to be clarification of the situation rather than just perceptions. "We want to know how many properties there are, how many are permanently occupied, how many are empty, how many are rented for tourist purposes. Once we know this, we can take the necessary steps in addressing the problem."

The mayor's political grouping, Junts Avançam, agreed in 2015 with the Alternativa per Pollença that town hall action was needed in solving housing difficulties experienced by residents of Pollensa and by seasonal workers. The study was budgeted for last year but not carried out. March had said last year that there was clear evidence of Pollensa people, especially young people, leaving the municipality because they couldn't find accommodation.

When property prices fell during the crisis, investors took advantage of lower prices to buy real estate as holiday investments. It is now, therefore, almost impossible to find somewhere to rent or buy at a reasonable prices.

There is also pressure on the social services department because of rumours regarding its policy of social housing. The mayor has asked the department for a review of social housing awards over the past three years and to see if there are any current tenants who do not qualify and are therefore barring the more needy from getting accommodation. The mayor adds that he is unaware of any social housing being rented to tourists.


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bb / Hace over 3 years

there wont be a need for seasonal workers never mind their accommodation


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Liz, I think the question that needs asking is who are buying the properties that come onto the market ?.


Liz / Hace over 4 years

I live in a small, rural village in England and there is no way my children could afford to buy property in the village they grew in up in. Both have very good jobs but have to live in nearby villages which have more affordable prices. We have no holiday let's in the village !!


Ron / Hace over 4 years

Young people always move away from their maternal villages and towns. The world is a big place waiting for them! Apart from that there are HUNDREDS of abandoned houses in Pollença town. Many just wrecks needing to be reformed, creating a bad image for the town. Make the owners do this or compulsory purchase! If not, a good idea would be for the council to acquire those, reform them for social housing and rent to locals for as many years as needed to re-coup their investment and profit for the town. Unfortunately I envisage a future council renting them to tourists so an idea like this will never materialise. And I know what I'm going to say to the 'geographers' (i.e. a couple of UIB students with clipboards) if they knock on my door!


Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

Hogwash, more hogwash. There is no problem to address. Market price is reasonable price. Accomodation for season workers is a problem for seasonal employers to resolve.