Aurora Jhardi, with the director for public function, Tomas Llado.


The latest town hall figures indicate that the number of people registered as residents of Palma by increased by 5,865 at the start of the year compared to 1 January, 2016. The total population now stands at a record 434,516 inhabitants.
Over the past eighteen years, the population has gradually grown by 104,829 people. In 1998, the population stood at 329,687.

According to Palma deputy mayor for interior affairs, Aurora Jhardi, the number of Spanish nationals living in Palma has risen by 1,244 while there are 4,621 more foreign residents. The majority of new foreign residents have come from the European Union: in particular Italy (685) and Rumania (261).

However, a number of communities have shrunk slightly, such as the Nigerian, Moroccan and Bolivians communities.
There are 649 fewer South Americans in total while the number of Chinese, Indians and Pakistan has also risen, but “moderately”.