Nacional police control centre at Palma airport.

27-08-2014M. CLADERA

It looks like the so-called ‘terminal Brit’ at Palma airport about which there have been numerous complaints, as highlighted in the Bulletin yesterday, is going to be cleaned up and services improved. The director general of tourism, Pilar Carbonell, yesterday held a meeting with the chief of the National Police at Palma airport and representatives from the key tour operators to coordinate better services in terminal A, which is set aside for most of the UK flights.

Apart from the general poor condition of the terminal and services, such as toilets and general uncleanness, the biggest pain is the long hot queue to get through passport control.

From 1 July 15 National Police cadets are going to be deployed to help boost and speed up passport control.

Airport authority AENA, has decided to install screens showing videos which explain how passengers can use the automatic passport controls which are capable of handling between 800 and 900 passengers per hour from non Schengen countries, in particular the United Kingdom.

The tour operators have also agreed to inform their clients of how to use the automatic services.

And yesterday, extra members of the Guardia Civil were deployed to all points of entry and exit in the Balearics, according to the central government to the Balearics, Maria Salom.