Police undertook an operation against various establishments on Monday.


Calvia town hall has started the procedure of ordering the closure of certain establishments in Magalluf. These are said to be illegally engaged in prostitution, and they were notified of the order on Tuesday night.

For some months, Calvia police and the town hall's activities department (which is responsible for businesses' licences) have been conducting inspections at establishments along Punta Ballena and in the immediate surrounds. These are places with bar and musical entertainment licences but which are said to have been engaged in prostitution. They are therefore in violation of the licences, and the town hall maintains that they have caused considerable disturbance to local order.

Sufficient evidence has been amassed regarding breaches of regulations governing public establishments, and the town hall has named six places that it intends closing: Apple, Bar Kandi, Bar Touch, Jagger's, Opps and Red Rooms. The six now have fifteen days during which time they can present submissions against the order.

The town hall is reiterating the fact that it will not reverse the process of changing the model of Magalluf. It therefore wants to convey a clear message of zero tolerance of "tourism of excesses" that damages the resort and creates nuisance for residents. The town hall is warning that there could be further action of this type against bars.

Michael Burden / Hace over 4 years

The Calvia Town Hall and the Majorca police are always coming up with measures, supposedly to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and make Magaluf more safe and pleasant, but I always notice how they never make any mention of dealing with the people who are the main concern to most holidaymakers there - the illegal female "mugger and thief prostitute" immigrants from Africa. The reaction of the authorities to those people, or so it seems, is just to consign them to the "too hard basket" and turn a blind eye to their activities.


John P / Hace over 4 years

Will we be told how many of the six have actually been closed after the fifteen days they have to appeal and if they have been closed immediately?


Peter / Hace over 4 years

But there have always been prostitututes in Magaluf, even in the '60's with their own locales. There's plenty all over the island, all you need is a licence. The Nigerians aren't prostitutes, they're pickpockets and theives. This isn't the way to go about the real problem at all.


juan love / Hace over 4 years

Shagger Phil: Anywhere else on the island as you are in Majorca.


Steve Kane / Hace over 4 years

Well don CALVIA COUNCIL keep up the good work


Shagger_Phil / Hace over 4 years

Its all very well S. getting so many votes. But If its banned, can someone tell me where else I can get an easy shag please????


Acrollam / Hace over 4 years

Long long overdue, well done.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Prostitution in Magaluf has been rife now for several Seasons. Females from Nigeria etc. are working illegally in Mallorca. Why has Calvia Authorities not had these illegal immigrants arrested, and their 'Pimps ', and had them ALL deported.?. The amount of Prostitute 's mugging crimes would be eradicated. Then, the Policia and Guardia can concentrate on arresting the drunken foolish tourists. Applying fines in the morning, and putting them on the next available Aircraft, back to their own Countries.