Mayor Antoni Noguera, who has been very active on a tourism front, since succeeding José Hila. | Miquel Angel Cañellas

Palma town hall and hoteliers yesterday agreed to join forces in demanding state investment for Playa de Palma and in eradicating drunken tourism.

Mayor Antoni Noguera met the president of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, Inma Benito, and her counterparts at the Palma and Playa de Palma hotel associations - Javier Vich and Francisco Marin. Speaking afterwards, Noguera said that it had been a very interesting meeting during which they had shared various concerns regarding the city's tourism model.

Noguera called on businesses which are involved with drunken tourism to change their business thinking, given the negative image that this type of tourism gives Palma. For Benito, the meeting established that the hoteliers and town hall coincide in a commitment to a tourism model based on quality and one that will enable a sustainable economy from Cala Major to Playa de Palma. She added that the town hall has offered to work with the hoteliers in addressing issues of cleanliness and security in Playa de Palma, especially in high summer.

As for the state investment, Benito argued that it was time for Madrid to activate funding for Playa de Palma, especially as the hotel sector has spent some 500 million euros in renovating its establishments. This, she felt, could be done through state agreements with the town hall or the regional government.

The town hall has requested a meeting with Matilde Asián, the secretary of state for tourism, with whom the Majorca Hoteliers Federation has already spoken. Benito was of the view that the national tourism ministry will undertake investment. This issue has been one of controversy for some years, and the consortium (of national and regional governments and Palma and Llucmajor town halls) is being wound up following Madrid's withdrawal: the national government was of the opinion that investment made several years ago had been spent inappropriately.

The mayor explained that the town hall will be seeking state investment for "mature" resorts, such as those of Playa de Palma, which will be in line with the 100 million euros going to the Canary Islands. Noguera argued that the Balearics deserve the same treatment, observing that despite the powerful role that the Balearics have in the tourism industry, its political management comes from the Canaries, i.e. Asián.