Biel Company of the PP, who says Barceló should go because of the rentals' fiasco.

The leader of the Partido Popular, Biel Company, yesterday suggested that President Armengol should call an election. "If she can't trust Podemos, she should look for partners she can trust. If she can't find any, then she could call an election."

Company also called for the resignation of vice-president and tourism minister, Biel Barceló. This was because of his "incompetence" with regard to the holiday rentals' legislation. The PP president said that the whole bill should be withdrawn before it comes into force and that the government should seek "genuine" consensus with all political and interested parties in drafting a new law that regulates holiday rentals in a proper and effective way.

The government, Company observed, has a crisis once a month. He predicted that the tensions and differences between the parties of the government pact will increase as the 2019 election draws closer. "The people of the Balearics do not deserve a government with such instability, however much Armengol tries to disguise this and sell us the benefits of the pact."

He offered the support of the PP to pass laws and adopt measures to benefit society as a whole, but regretted the government's "sectarianism". "Everything that comes from the PP is bad. It's childish."

Company believed that Barceló was chiefly responsible for the rentals' legislation, with the backing of Armengol. "On Monday, before the vote in parliament, the culprit was the PP because of the previous legislation. On Tuesday, after the vote, it was Podemos. But the reality is that the person responsible for a law that is a total nonsense is Barceló, who has the Més contracts case hanging over him and whose role as a minister has already been devalued."

The law passed on Tuesday, Company concluded, left the rental of apartments in a state of legal limbo.

Meanwhile, Barceló apologised on behalf of the government for the problem caused by the approval of the holiday rentals' legislation. "This situation should never have risen." 

Barceló added that there will be no summer holidays for the government until the problem with the legislation is sorted out. On Tuesday, he said, Podemos had voted with the Partido Popular for something that made no sense. Now, therefore, there has to be a reconsideration. The government will seek a solution as soon as possible in order to give legal certainty to both the government and to citizens who wish to rent out their properties.