The Aerotib bus services for resorts provide options for tourists.


The Facua consumers association has asked the Balearic government to promote the use of public transport by tourists and to introduce measures that will allow rapid travel by tourists without them needing to hire cars.

The association believes it is necessary to offer an attractive transport alternative to hire cars, the number of which is growing and adds to environmental harm. The request has been formally made to the ministry for transport, Facua telling the ministry that it has to ensure that there is the least possible environmental impact from increased traffic and emissions.

In addition to this, the association believes that there would be significant benefits for tourism and for the image of the Balearics if there were various public transport options.


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Chris Parkin / Hace over 4 years

I was always surprised when the built a metro system in Palma that the airport wasnt linked it. I'm going to try the public bus from the airport to alcudia soon, great idea, shame the route doesnt include Port dePollença.


Michael Burden / Hace over 4 years

When I was on holiday in Majorca last summer I was impressed by the public transport system and visited several places without the need to hire a car. I think the tib network just needs one addition - a bus service between Estellencs and Andratx on the north west coast. Instead of trying to drive to Cap Formentor and the lighthouse, there should be a "park and ride" with an open top bus from Port de Pollenca. It would also be a good idea to have a bus going up to the Santuari de Cura (Puig de Randa).


TC / Hace over 4 years

The taxi vultures know this and hover around the bus stops hoping to rip off another tourist, I'd sooner wait an hour or walk!


Lawrie / Hace over 4 years

To be fair I think the buses operating at the moment through the resorts are great. The problem usually arises when you want to get to Palma mid morning, they are always mobbed. Coming back from Palma is they same you have to make your way to the bus station to be sure of getting on.


Lucy / Hace over 4 years

If you want less cars in the road, then offer an amazing and frequent public transport system


Harvey / Hace over 4 years

Back in May it took forever to get a bus from Palmanova to Palma in the morning. There were plenty of buses but they were all full so didn't stop at the bus stop. About 6 or 7 buses drove past the bus stop jammed full of passengers. We waited an hour and a half at the bus stop before we literally squeezed on one!


S. / Hace over 4 years

The use of scheduled transport in Mallorca, would be greatly improved, if they were routed to and from the Airport.