Joan Miralles of Aptur speaking yesterday about the need for a holiday rentals' pact. | @ApturBaleares

The Aptur holiday rentals' association yesterday called for there to be a pact among all political forces who have openly expressed an interest in the regulation of holiday rentals. This pact would specifically exclude Podemos. Without them, the "pact" should seek to clarify the terms for holiday rental business in the Balearics.

The association president, Joan Miralles, has expressed his concern with the legal insecurity created by the holiday rentals' legislation, especially for owners of apartments who are faced with a law which neither allows nor prohibits tourist rental.

"Above all, we are asking for responsibility and foresight from all those involved." Miralles believes that Podemos should be excluded because they have clearly been irresponsible and "act on impulse". It was the Podemos vote last week against a specific article that led to the legislation being branded as useless.

The pact envisaged by Aptur would include itself, PSOE and Més (i.e. the government parties), and the three opposition parties - the Partido Popular, Ciudadanos and El Pi.

"We want a law that gives stability, not just for now but also in the long term. It should make clear the terms of what can be done and what cannot be done, as the current law does not make this clear. All it does is give clues without clarifying the parameters."