Calvia police dealing with illegal selling.


During July, Calvia police filed 1,024 charges for infractions of the municipal bylaw dealing with coexistence. These were 50% more than in June.

There was a notable increase in "denuncias" for illegal selling. These were up to 651 in July. There had been 472 in June, so the increase was by 38%. Police were focusing in particular on illegal selling because it is often linked to the sale of drugs. In June and July together there were eighteen arrests of habitual illegal street sellers, who were charged with offences against public health, meaning drug-selling. There were 76 arrests in all over the two months.

In July, there were 332 charges for "uncivic" behaviour of differing types (not including illegal selling). These increased from 198 in June. The offences in July included 66 for the consumption or possession of drugs and four for sexual behaviour in public. Arrests in July, other than those for public health offences, were for crimes against people or property (24), against public order (eight), against traffic safety (two) and two others.

Between January and July, the total number of denuncias for contraventions of the bylaw was 2,570. Of these, 1,418 were for illegal selling.