The Arran protest in Palma.

The person identified by the National Police as having been the leader of the anti-tourism incident in Palma on 22 July is to be fined 1,200 euros.

The national government delegation in the Balearics yesterday said that an A.M.M. had been responsible for the unauthorised protest that involved up to forty people and the letting-off of smoke cans and at least two flares. It was the port police who first went to the incident at the restaurant on the Moll Vell and who contacted the National Police to inform them of what happened.

The fine is for two offences. For holding a demonstration in a public place without permission, 300 euros has been levied. The other 900 euros are for the use of pyrotechnic items without authorisation. The fine will be reduced by 50% if it is paid within fifteen days.

Balearic tourism minister Biel Barceló made further comments yesterday about the incident involving the group Arran. He expressed his "total rejection" of actions such as those which Arran have been carrying out against tourism. He called for their criticisms of mass tourism to be "peaceful" and stressed the importance of tourism to the Balearics as it represents 45% of the region's GDP.

While Barceló was saying that the government had asked the authorities (the delegation and national security forces) to investigate the facts of what has been happening with Arran and other groups, the national minister for tourism was calling for the involvement of the state attorney-general.

Alvaro Nadal wants the attorney's office to take whatever measures are necessary to deal with the recent wave of anti-tourism incidents. The intention, he said, is "to act forcefully in pursuing this type of vandalism and with the ultimate consequences".