Mercat 1930 in Palma. | Jaume Morey

Mercat 1930, Palma Gastronomic Market, on the Paseo Marítimo opened on Friday. A new place where local cuisine rubs shoulders with foodie trends, there are fourteen different gastronomic options.

The Majorcan interior designer Jorge Bibiloni has combined industrial decor of austere and simple lines with the spirit of Art Deco in the market's Edificio Mediterráneo. Show cooking allows customers to discover the wide range of gastronomic stalls. The aim is that the customer should be able to move, to learn and to enjoy.

The high quality materials have not undergone any alteration or artificiality. Bibiloni says that the project is a laboratory of ideas with facilities and kitchens visible and part of the overall decor of the market. Direct connection between the kitchens and decor is vital to this "workshop of ideas".

Each stall has a particular speciality. There are oysters and seafood, croquettes and other delicacies in batter, burgers, sushi, Iberian and local cold cuts, grilled meats and exquisite tortillas. There is also a bar with premium brand drinks, one that is dedicated to vermouth and an area for beers from all over the world. In other words, there is a whole culinary experience in one place.

The centre is reminiscent of an old market because of the use of iron. The rear part is an industrial kitchen with stainless steel. Ceramics are a common thread for the whole market.