La Beata in Santa Margalida. | Jaume Morey

Monday, 28 August
Estellencs, Sant Joan Degollat. 10.00: "Spartan" games for children. 13.00: Lunch in the square - noodles. Plaça Triquet. 15.00: Tardeo tapas and drink. Plaça Triquet. 22.00: Variety show and karaoke. Plaça Triquet.

Felanitx, Sant Agusti. 11.00: Eucharist - Felanitx Choir and dance of the cavallets, followed by procession and dance by giants and bigheads. 17.00: Children's water party. Plaça Peralada / Sa Torre Park. 21.30: Correfoc - demons fire-run with Dimonis a Lloure. From Plaça Sa Font de Santa Margalida. 22.30: Night party - Ses Bubotes, Without String and others. Sa Torre Park.

Sant Joan, Sant Joan Degollat. From 17.00: "Sa Condemna". 19.30: Start of the "Rabiosa" with the demons. From the cultural centre. 22.00: Concert - Quatre de Cor. By the church. 24.00: Fireworks. 00.30: Night party. Orquestra Eclipse and La Movida Band. Plaça Constitució.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 17.00: The "scalded kitten" - children's water party. Plaça Vila. 21.30: Trivial Pursuit. Plaça Vila.

S'Arraco, Sant Agusti. 11.00: Mass. 20.00: Folk dance - Aires de Andratx. Plaça Weyler. 21.00: Dinner for senior citizens. Plaça Weyler. 22.00: Music from Orquestra Aquarius. Plaça Weyler.

Tuesday, 29 August
Estellencs, Sant Joan Degollat. 09.300: Procession with the Lira Esporlerina band. 12.00: Mass and then refreshments in Plaça Nova. 18.00: Jewel races and other games. C. Lladroner / Plaça Nova. 19.30: Concert by the Lira Esporlerina band. Plaça Triquet. 22.00: Children's ball de bot folk dance. 23.00: Ball de bot with Aires Pla de Marratxi. 24.00: End of the fiestas with DJs.

Sant Joan, Sant Joan Degollat. 09.00: Waking-up by the pipers. 09.30: Demons - from the cultural centre to the town hall. 11.00: Mass. 12.00: Jewel races. C. Jaume Mas i Noguera. 19.00: Gathering of demons, snacks and water. Plaça Pes des Porcs. 22.00: Correfoc - demons fire-run with El Corb de Sant Nofre de Sant Joan, Dimonis de Sa Cova d'es Fossar (Sineu) plus batucadas.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 21.00: Night of music, poetry and wine. Ten euros for wine and supper. Cultural Centre courtyard. 21.00: Treasure hunt. Plaça Església.

S'Arraco, Sant Agusti. 17.00: Games for all ages. Plaça Weyler.

Wednesday, 30 August
Puerto Alcudia, Alcudia Day of the Tourist. 16.00-18.00: Sport competitions, fitness, children's shows. Ciudad Blanca beach. From 21.00: Music performances on the beach.

Puerto Portals, Sunset Market. 18.00-24.00: Craft, jewellery, fashion, kids' zone. DJ Vinilo at 21.30.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 21.00: Open-air supper with music from La Rumba Nostra. Plaça Vila.

Muro, Sa Riba Folk. 22.00: Coanegre. Passeig de Sa Riba.

Pollensa Music Festival. 22.00: Christoph Pregardien (tenor), Julius Drake (piano). Schubert, "Die Schöne Müllerin". Sant Domingo Cloister, C. Guillem Cifre de Colonya. 25-30 euros. www.festivalpollenç

Thursday, 31 August
Lloseta, Mare de Déu de Lloseta. 19.30: Firing of rockets and procession by bagpipers, whistlers and bigheads. From the town hall. 20.30: Pregón opening address. At Sa Mina. 22.00: Line dance. Plaça Espanya.

Puerto Portals, Sunset Market. 18.00-24.00: Craft, jewellery, fashion, kids' zone. At 21.30, music from Monkey Doo and Oh My Swing.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 21.30: Playback contest. Plaça Vila. 24.00: Post-playback party. Es Colomer pub.

Santa Ponsa, Rei en Jaume. 20.00: Opening addresses by the mayor of Calvia and by Majorcan pop-dance singer Chenoa. At Creu de Santa Ponsa (the cross). 22.30: Concert - Dr. Gang (American soul of the '60s). Plaça Pinada.

Vilafranca de Bonany, Melon Fiesta and Fair. 20.30: Melon eating contest. Plaça Tomeu Penya.

Andratx. 22.00: Vandalis Opera Rock - Elsa Salord (soprano), Daniel Torrent (drums), Jose Raya (guitar), Nando Campos (bass). Castell de Son Mas (town hall). Ten euros.

Deya. 21.00: "Mysterium" - music, light and essence. Antonio Artese (piano), Samantha Stout (design and lighting), Sileno Cheloni (master perfumer). Works by Grieg, Scriabin, Artese. At Son Marroig. 20 euros.

Alcudia, Via Fora. 21.00: Five scenes from Alcudia's history, dramatised at different parts of the walls. From Porta des Moll (Plaça Carles V).

Friday, 1 September
Banyalbufar, Mare de Déu de Setembre. 12.00: Ringing of bells and raising of the banner. Plaça Vila. 19.30: Pregón opening address and concert - "Guitarres i Pues". At the church.

Cas Concos (Felanitx), Sant Nicolau. 19.00: Ringing of bells, firing of rockets, pipers, demons and bigheads. 20.00: Pregón opening address. 21.30: Frito mallorquin supper plus music from Swing 2. Ten euros, tickets to be bought by 28 August from Associació de Mestresses, C. Castell.

Costitx, Mare de Déu de Costitx. 12.00: Raising of the banner. Plaça Mare de Déu. 18.30: Lighting-up, firing of rockets and ringing of bells. 20.00: Tapas route with botifarró. 22.00: Concert - Arpellots Havaneres Band. Plaça Jardí.

Lloseta, Mare de Déu de Lloseta. 14.00: Ringing of bells and raising of banners. 17.00: Children's entertainment. Plaça Espanya. 21.00: Open-air supper in the streets. Registrations at the town hall by 30 August. 23.30: Night party - Fora de Joc, Without String, Ses Bubotes. Plaça Espanya.

Puerto Pollensa, Bye Bye Estiu (Bye Bye Summer). 19.00-24.00: Live music, food trucks and drinks. On the pier.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 19.00: Bell-ringing, raising of banners. Children's entertainment with Cucorba. Plaça Vila. 21.00: Majorcan folk evening - folk dance and music groups. Plaça Vila. 23.00: Correfoc! Demons' fire-run led by the Dimonis de Hiachat (Santa Margalida) and demons' gangs from Maria de la Salut, Costitx, Pollensa and Subirats (Catalonia). From Plaça Església. 00.30: Night party - The Oceans, Onion Rabbits, Cirko and DJ. Miquel Ordines esplanade, in front of the Es Colomer pub.

Santa Maria del Cami, Night of Art. From 20.00: Exhibitions at four locations in the centre of Santa Maria as well as in the streets. In addition, music, dance and video mapping.

Santa Ponsa, Rei en Jaume. 19.30-21.30: Elements Reis - Obstacle race based on the four elements of earth, water, fire and air. Groups of three to five people. 40 euros per group. Information/bookings at Calvia culture department or 22.00-03.00: DJs - music from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Plaça Pinada.

S'Arraco, Mare de Déu de la Trapa. 20.00: Competition for ecological meals. Plaça Weyler. 22.30: Night party - Gin Tonics, Disccovers, Onion Rabbits. Plaça Weyler.

Vilafranca de Bonany, Melon Fiesta and Fair. 17.30: MiniMelOmpiades - the melon olympics. Parc Josep Maria Llompart. 20.30: Microconcert - Jaume Rosselló (guitar). Rectoria Vella courtyard. 21.30: Cinema - "Mascotes". Plaça Major. 23.30: Melon Quiz. Plaça Tomeu Penya.

Alcudia Jazz Festival. 21.00: Tinons & The Mopis - Tinons March (vocals), Pep Lluís García (drums), Juanan Torrandell (double bass), Omar Lanuti (guitar). Can Torró Library courtyard, C. Serra. Free with invitation from the library or the auditorium.

Palma. 21.30: Divico - Spanish pop. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 25-60 euros.

Saturday, 2 September
Banyalbufar, Mare de Déu de Setembre. 10.30: Trempó salad. Plaça Vila. 20.00: Karaoke and DJs. Plaça Vila.

Cas Concos (Felanitx), Sant Nicolau. 21.00 Tapas route. 23.00: Night party - Cris Juanico, May Day and DJs.

Costitx, Mare de Déu de Costitx. 19.00: Line dance. 23.00: Remember Pub Saxo with Dimonis de Son Ganxó. Plaça Pesadora.

Lloseta, Mare de Déu de Lloseta. 17.00: Zumba. Plaça Espanya. 18.30: Holi coious festival. Avda. Cocó. 19.30: Concert - Orquestra Lauseta. Lloseta Theatre. 22.30: Night party - Tinbrass Band, Big Maritim, Big Maritim Rock Band. Plaça Espanya.

Puerto Pollensa, Summer Night Fair. From 19.00: Artisan craft and design. Anglada Camarassa promenade.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 19.30: The offering of flowers - ball de bot folk dance, pipers and whistlers, band of music. In front of the town hall. 20.00: Vespers and then procession with the relic of Santa Catalina Tomàs and giants. From Plaça Església. 22.30: Night party - Aquarius, Gran Casino, Ves-Hi Tu, La Loca Motora and DJs. Plaça Vila. Followed by the "scalded cat" (cold water "fear"), dawn and the procession of the banners of the Gat Escladat.

Santa Ponsa, Rei en Jaume. 18.30: Meeting of giants and "baptism" of new Calvia giants, Abu Yahya and Fatima. Procession from Plaça Pinada. 21.30: Folk dance with Estol de Ponent and Música Nostra. Plaça Pinada.

S'Arraco, Mare de Déu de la Trapa. 19.00: Hip hop dance for children, salsa dance at 20.00 and Zumba and modern dance at 21.00: Plaça Weyler. 23.00: Night party - Balboa's, Without String and DJ. Plaça Weyler.

Vilafranca de Bonany, Melon Fiesta and Fair. 16.30: The Relief of the Quintada - The melon battle. Parc Josep Maria Llompart. 19.00: Evening/night fair. 20.00: Festival of the lanterns - from Plaça Major - followed by procession by the Boietons (young demons) and then Melofoc pyrotechnic spectacular in Parc Josep Maria Llompart. 22.00: Line dance. Plaça Tomeu Penya. 24.00: Night party - Tomeu Penya, Geminis, Onion Rabbits. Plaça Major.

Palma. 19.00: Brian McGee & The Carnie Ghosts, Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band. Es Baluard, Plaça Porta Santa Catalina. Free.

Palma. 21.00: Queen Forever - tribute show. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. Thirty euros.

Formentor. 09.00: Open-water swim (seven kilometres) from Formentor beach across the bay of Pollensa to Sant Pere cove, Mal Pas, Alcudia. Fifteen euros,

Sunday, 3 September
Banyalbufar, Mare de Déu de Setembre. 10.30: Aquatic activities. Plaça Vila. 18.00: Children's party, entertainment and foam. Ses Escoles.

Cas Concos (Felanitx), Sant Nicolau. 13.00: Raising of banners and ringing of bells. 17.30: Children's party. Sports ground. 21.00: Ses Salines Horseriders - horse show. Sports ground.

Costitx, Mare de Déu de Costitx. 09.30: Gathering for horse race by the Casal de Cultura. 10.00: Aquatic activities. Municipal pool. 18.30: Children's entertainment. Plaça Jardí. 21.00: Open-air supper and musical - Fora de Joc. Tables to be reserved at the town hall by 1 September. Plaça Mare de Déu.

Lloseta, Mare de Déu de Lloseta. 18.00: Majorca craft beer - five breweries. Tapas and concert by Cris Juanico. Plaça Espanya.

Santa Margalida, La Beata. 10.00: Departure of the demons. From Sa Creueta to the church. 11.00: Mass - Santa Margalida Choir, school of ball de bot, pipers and whistlers. 17.30: Parade of floats. 19.00: Procession with the band of music and pipers. 21.00: The La Beata procession. 23.00: Party with Yesterday and Orquestrina d'Algaida. Plaça Vila. 01.00: Indiesbart Sessions. Es Colomer pub.

Santa Ponsa, Rei en Jaume. 20.00: Delivery of the standards (flags) and presentation of the kings of the fiestas - musical theatre with all the groups involved with the fiestas, the Calvia Band of Music and the Calvia cavallers. 21.00: Concert - Calvia Band of Music with the work specially written for the fiestas, "La joia en el si de la mar". Plaça Pinada.

S'Arraco, Mare de Déu de la Trapa. 12.00: Exhibition of classic bikes. Plaça Weyler.

Vilafranca de Bonany, Melon Fiesta and Fair. 09.00: Opening of the melon fair. 10.00: Melon quality prizes. 11.30: Biggest melon contest. Plaça Major. 12.00: Human towers. Plaça Major.

Palma. 20.00: Jordi Savall (viol), Xavier Diaz-Latorre (guitar). Various works. Conservatory, C. Alfons el Magnanim 64. Thirty euros.

Palma. 20.00: Mazik Duo - Jewish Life, retratos del pasado. Clarinet and piano. Teatre Xesc Forteza, Plaça Miquel Maura 1. Free.