The Soller Tunnel, still not free. | Archive


Globalvia, the company which has the contract to operate the toll for the Soller Tunnel, says that it has always been consistent with regard to the ending of the contract. Saying that the Council of Majorca acted unilaterally in deciding to end the contract and eliminate the toll, it adds that it will defend its interests in court while at the same time being available for talks at any time.

The company states that it has always sought to provide the best possible service throughout the duration of the contract. It adds that right from the time the Council signalled its intentions, it made clear its disagreement with the reasons for ending the contract and with the level of compensation.

The Council finally arrived at 17.4 million euros, whereas Globalvia has been demanding 31 million. The company says that the Council's calculation doesn't conform to applicable legislation and that this has been corroborated by the Consultative Council, the public sector's legal advice body.

It was therefore always prepared to go to court, which is what it has done, and the so-called rescue of the tunnel, i.e. the ending of the toll, is now on hold because the Balearic High Court agreed to a suspension, as requested by Globalvia. The Council of Majorca is appealing this. It had planned to make the tunnel free as from today (1 September).