Utz Claassen, taking an interest in Air Berlin. | Archive

The former owner of Real Mallorca, German businessman Utz Claassen, is said to be interested in taking over the failed German airline Air Berlin. Der Spiegel has identified Claassen as a potential suitor, although the magazine does question his "reputation in business circles".

According to Der Spiegel, Claassen has written to the administrator and expressed his interest, saying that he would want to keep most of the jobs. It is understood that he is talking to "international investors" who would back the acquisition. Air Berlin, it probably needs no reminding, grew to become one of Germany's leading airlines thanks, in no small part, to its Majorca operations.

As has been reported previously, Ryanair is another potential buyer. The Irish airline has asked for more information regarding Air Berlin's financial situation before undertaking any potential bid.

Another German businessman, Alexander Skora, has also expressed his interest in acquiring part of Air Berlin.