Another anti-tourism message in Palma. | @popularespalma

The Partido Popular in Palma has condemned the appearance of more anti-tourism graffiti slogans that have appeared in the city, specifically along Sant Miquel, one of the busiest shopping streets and very popular with tourists.

The slogan this time is "tourism kills the city", and the PP's leader in Palma, Marga Duran, is demanding that the town hall acts immediately and instructs the Emaya municipal services agency to remove it. She is also insisting that the mayor, Antoni Noguera, publicly condemns this latest example of anti-tourism and that the local police get involved. "This cannot be treated as an isolated case."

Duran adds that "tourismphobia" has been fed for more than a year through talk of saturation and limiting tourists. "This gives rise to these situations (the graffiti)." It is all the more reason, she believes, for the mayor to make a public statement and for the graffiti to be removed. She notes that in spring last year it "took months" to get rid of graffiti in the old centre of the city because it was on protected buildings and needed special treatment. This time it is on the paved street, so there should not be any delay.