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Between June and August, Calvia police charged 2,456 people with offences against the municipal bylaw for coexistence and civil behaviour.

Over the three summer months of June to August there were 1,603 charges for illegal selling (on the street, on the beach). Of other offences, there were 100 for street drinking; 183 for possession and consumption of drugs; 99 for non-authorised activities (massage services on beaches); 59 for being naked or semi-naked; 34 for having sex in a public place; 77 for infringements of public order and safety; 301 for "other" offences. There were 118 actual arrests.

A total of 16,350 euros in fines was collected. Of fines handed out, 229 of them were paid on the spot, which meant a 50% discount; this deduction also applies if fines are paid within ten days.

There was a notable month-by-month difference with the number of offences. For instance, in July there were 1,024 charges for illegal selling, whereas there were 687 in June and 745 in August. With street drinking there were 61 in July but only 21 in June and 18 last month.