Passenger numbers in Palma just keep increasing. | Michel's

Spain's airports dealt with some 27.4 million passengers last month. The increase of 6.2% over August 2016 was the lowest percentage rise of the summer. In June there was a 9.7% rise, while in July it was 7.4%. More than 20 million of these passengers were on international flights, an increase of 6.6%.

Three airports between them managed just over 50% of all passengers. These were Madrid-Barajas with 4.95 million, Barcelona-El Prat (4.94 million) and Palma, where the figure was 4.18 million, an increase over last year of 5.2%. Palma was well ahead of Malaga-Costa del Sol with 2.17 million. Ibiza, sixth behind Alicante-Elche in fifth spot, handled 1.41 million, a more modest rise of 1.6%.

Mirroring the passenger numbers, Madrid, Barcelona and Palma accounted for a considerable proportion of all flights, though the percentage was lower (42% of the 221,742 flights during August). In Palma, once more in third position, there were 28,975 flights, a rise of 3.2%.