Marga Duran, leader of the PP at Palma town hall. | Joan Torres

The Partido Popular in Palma is to present a motion at the next council meeting which will propose that the external image of the city is strengthened. This should show, says the party's spokesperson Marga Duran, that Palma is an "open" and "quality" destination and be a means of counteracting attacks on tourism.

Because of these attacks, the PP believes that it is necessary for all political parties to issue a joint message that condemns violence. Duran said yesterday that she hoped that there would be no problem in getting the other political parties to reach an agreement on this. "Thirty per cent of employment in the Balearics is directly created by the tourism industry. This has always been an hospitable place and not one that rejects tourists."

Noting the need for efforts to tackle seasonality, to improve the tourism product and to attract "quality tourism", Duran added that "confused messages should not be sent out by political institutions". "Attacks against tourists should be condemned in a clear and forceful manner."

The PP's motion will therefore call on the town hall to condemn any violent action, vandalism or phobic demonstration against tourism interests. It will also urge the tourism ministry to act forcefully by denouncing vandalistic acts to the prosecution service and, if appropriate, by presenting its own prosecution.

The ministry will furthermore be asked to promote messages that protect the tourist image of the Balearics and preserve the islands' reputation for their hospitality and quality in order to combat any effects "this intimidating campaign" may have on potential visitors.